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The Programme

A scheme designed to demonstrate to young women that they can pursue a career in Finance and, for those who show serious interest and potential, to provide a pathway to achieve this upon graduation 

So, how does it work?

Who can apply? 

The programme builds partnerships with secondary schools and colleges across the UK and the New York City area. The programme is offered to young women starting Sixth Form/Year 12 (UK), their Senior Year/Grade 12 (US) or first year of College (US).


The proposition is that by the time these young women finish University, they will not only have attained the CISI Corporate Finance & Capital Markets qualification, they will have been on two full summer internships at different infra/energy banks/funds/institutions, and they will be able to build a financial model from scratch.


We will then work with these young women to find them permanent ‘Graduate Intake’ opportunities within our network of major banks, funds and institutional investors, which may or may not be the sponsor organisations they went on internship with.

Is there any obligation for the young women to stay on the programme?


No, none at all. At any point – even right at the end – they can make a completely different decision on their ultimate career direction. We are not here to try and bully anyone or railroad them into a career – we simply want to demonstrate to young women that a career in finance is possible and help them along the way to exploring it. If they pick up some skills and subsequently take them in a different direction, we will still regard this as a success.

What if student takes a gap year, or undertakes a 4 or 5 year degree course?

​This is no problem at all. If they choose to take a gap year then they can pick back up exactly where they left off. If they study for longer than 3 years, they can spread the course over that time-frame however they wish – we will still support them.

Year 1
Year 12 Sixth Form

The student embarks upon first module of the CISI Corporate Finance & Capital Markets qualification with support from one of our CRB-checked mentors.  Mentors are established professionals in the Infrastructure & Energy Finance and Investment market, and will give 1-2 hours per month, on phone or video call, to support their assigned student through whichever aspects of the module they need help with.

They will be invited in to their mentor’s place of work for a half-day visit, in the Spring, depending on the mentor's organisation.  This will be an organized visit during which they tour the offices, understand what the organisation does and how it works, and perhaps get involved in some minor tasks where appropriate.

Year 4
Second Year of University

Similar to Year 3, but incorporating more advanced CISI studies (completing the qualification) and more intensive modelling training (with the goal being to be able to build a model from scratch by the end of this year), and a full summer internship (paid).

There is real emphasis on this year, as the final year of the degree course will be demanding for the student, so it is our intention to be less demanding of them in their final year and more demanding in years 3 and 4 of the programme.

Year 2
Year 13 Sixth Form

The student continues to progress through modules of CISI qualification. There will be another half-day ‘mentor visit’ in the Spring, depending on the mentor's organisation.

Year 5
Final Year of University

The student benefits from significant free advice from One Search surrounding job applications and interviews. 

One Search coordinates and manages their applications to our sponsor organisations, but also encourages and helps them in any other applications they may make, in the wider world, finance or otherwise.

Hopefully, this concludes with job offers, from which the student must independently decide which one to accept.

Year 3
First Year of University

The student continues their CISI studies.

At the end of the academic year, the student undertakes a full summer internship (paid) with one of our sponsor organisations.  This does not have to be the same organisation that their mentor works for, as the mentor’s employer may not be a sponsor – but it will be a leading bank/fund/advisor/sponsor in the Infrastructure & Energy market.

Also in Year 3, the student will begin a 3-year journey towards learning to build a financial model from scratch – supported by our partner, a leading financial modelling training organisation.

On top of all this...

There will be an annual get-together for all the young women on the programme, where they can share their experiences, learn from each other and network.

Apply to the programme.

Apply to the programme

Being a part of the YWIF programme has been incredible in opening up the world of finance to me, allowing me to not only learn from the experiences of sector experts but gain a deeper understanding of financial services through the guided study of CISI courses.

Tejal Vadukul

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